Kitty Bella


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Kitty Bella is the 19 year old raven haired babe featured in “You Seem A Little Shy”. Kitty Bella is a fierce teen with big tits and tatts on her wrist and chest area. It is easy to guess that this pretty teen has a lot of fire and spunk on her and as she reveals her pair of pink bra and panties we get to realize that she means business. This party girl enjoys getting naughty and she shows us what she likes to do with the guys at her dorm and campus. Prepare for a hot clip complete with tit-fucking!

Yasmine Gold


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Yasmine Gold is the blonde 21 year old from the video clip “Hungary for Cock”. With her long hair in pigtail braids and clad in a pink shirt, it was easy to notice Yasmine Gold. Dick spotted the Hungarian native Yasmine Gold at the pizza parlor and he found out that she was studying politics. The blonde babe is pretty smart but her English needs a little bit of work. Yasmine Gold went with Dick to his apartment. She got extra cash for school and he got to feel her natural breasts and stick his schlong into her pussy. Win-win!

Krystal Benz


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Krystal Benz is the 20 year old chick with black hair who is featured in“That’s Better Than Stealing It”. The tattooed cutie in a pink top admitted to being a bad girl with a rebellious stoner side. Krystal Benz believes that sex is so much better when you’re high and also shared that she has done a little bit of shoplifting here and there. Now Krystal Benz was not about to steal money for college. She would rather work her ass off and have fun fucking and that she did! Watch this wild hottie give Dick’s cock all her attention.

Ashlyn Rae


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Ashlyn Rae is curly haired cutie who is featured in “I’m A Mind Reader”. The 18 year old babe is fresh and adorable and she was quite the eager beaver during the shoot. Just how excited was Ashlyn Rae? Well, we found out after the short interview that Ashlyn Rae was not wearing any panties at all. We hit the jackpot when we saw her pussy was so smooth and wet. Ashlyn Rae wrapped her mouth around the stiff cock before taking in the man meat into her teen cunt. Cream drips down her pussy and ass. Check her out.

Andrea Kelly


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Andrea Kelly is the star of “Small and Spicy”. The brunette hottie is only 20 years old with an impressive Latina ass. Andrea Kelly is a sexy chick who is busy with school but makes time to a little hanky panky here and there. We saw her in a yellow top with matching yellow hoop earrings and we knew she had to come to the shoot. Lucky for us, Andrea Kelly was in need of a little help to pay for school and was willing to play along. This Latina can shake her booty and deepthroat like it’s nobody’s business. Take a look.

Mindy Lynn


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Mindy Lynn is a 19 year old curly haired hottie featured in “Spell Genius with a J”. Mindy Lynn is cool, pretty, funny and incredibly horny. She wants to go to teacher’s college but she does not have enough funds just yet. Other than her finances, we think Mindy Lynn is not the brightest of the bunch when she spelled genius with a j. Well, it’s a good thing that Mindy Lynn has a different set of skills that matter. Man, this chick can suck cock, go for a hardcore fuck and receive facial like a pro.

Aubrey Lee


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Aubrey Lee is a r legal 18 year old who stars in the video clip called “Here For the Job”. Aubrey Lee is just something special. She sent her photos looking for a job in the adult industry so she could save up for schooling. She came to the shoot looking all cute and nice. It was easy to tell that this teen has the horny side and her body is so tight, we just could not pass up on it. Soon she gets her hairy snatch invaded and filled until she moans wild. This teen is meant to be a star.

Britney Beth


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Britney Beth is a blonde 19 year old with impressive looks and an even more impressive rack. In the episode entitled “In My Mouth”, Britney Beth shows everyone just how far she is willing to go to stay in college. She came looking for help with her tuition and we easily got turned on by her school girl appeal. And the more interesting thing is that Britney Beth is like a wild child who was not at all shy about being filmed to fuck. Man, this blonde’s got the skills and the delicious pussy to take her places.

Sasha Sweet


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Sasha Sweet is brunette young lady featured in “Fuckin Awesome”. The 21 year old chick with bangs has her hair in pigtails and is wearing a dark green long sleeved top. She reveals that she is quite the gamer who is in college to please her folks. Sasha Sweet hangs around the green striped bed and she talks about how she wants hardcore sex all the time. Soon her clothes are off and she gets to work showing off her great blowjob skills and tit-fucking too. Her young twat has a little patch of hair and it gets invaded over and over and over again.

Mia Valentine


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Mia Valentine is the 18 year old blonde who is featured in the episode “The Short Cheerleader”. The cute blonde was walking in the park when she was approached by a friendly dude who had more than handful of naughty ideas in his head. Mia Valentine strut her sexy self in her black shirt and heels over to his place. It turns out that Mia Valentine was looking to make a few extra bucks to pay for college tuition and she was willing to put on a little show for him. The petite blonde gets shagged hard on the mustard yellow couch. Cum look!